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Bombardier in Belfast being continually run down as board outsources more work to Mexico and Morocco

letter of the day: JOB concerns

I write as a very concerned, long-term employee of Bombardier.

These past few years have seen a great reduction in work, orders and employees. Internally, employees have been asked to work harder and smarter each year since I can remember. Each year we have done so.

It is time that the facts of the demise of Bombardier in Belfast be aired by employees and not spin-doctoring management or puppy dog union leaders.

Some 15 years ago Bombardier built a new factory in Mexico. We were told that this factory would only make wire looms and be of no threat. At present it can make almost any structure and will do so soon.

It received two autoclaves from Belfast last year and now makes composite parts. The average wage in industry in Mexico? Just $2.70 per hour.

Some eight to 10 years ago Bombardier built a factory in Morocco. Shrouded in secrecy, this factory will, in a couple of years' time, employ nearly 1,000 people.

Already they are taking our work. More is to follow. Moroccan staff now visit our plants to see what other work they can handle. Average wage in Morocco? Just £65 per week (that's about £1.50 per hour).

So, you can see where future production will be done. Bombardier Belfast is being run down in a carefully managed way until only the C Series is left. I challenge the company to dispute this.

I also challenge our unions, who are frightened to rock the boat. I'm fed up with hearing, upon another pay-off announcement, that the unions are "shocked and surprised". We are not. We expect it. We see a bigger picture.

Afraid to criticise the company in public, unions and employees have been cowed to accept their fate and just wait on the tap on the shoulder and the brown envelope (that's why I write anonymously).

The board in Canada are responsible for the demise of Shorts. Don't even start me about the state of the pension scheme.

Flogging a dead horse never got one back on its feet.

Now, anyone for fajitas?


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