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Bombers are determined to shatter peace

The car-bomb attack in Newry, carried out by dissident republicans, is a sad reminder of the minority of terrorists that still exist, who believe they can bomb their way to a United Ireland.

What this ad hoc group of terrorists clearly misunderstand is that they have no political mandate and have no major support within the Catholic community for their campaign of violence.

Mainstream republicanism has clearly accepted democratic politics and the road of peace.

Therefore, why are dissident republicans now waging a war of violence which will never achieve a united Ireland? Not content with their criminal activities, dissident republicans are now intent on moving back to the dark days of the past.

The murder of two soldiers and Constable Stephen Carroll and the murder attempt on Peadar Heffron are acts of total brutality and do not have the support of right-thinking people.

It is therefore imperative that this senseless minority group of terrorists are removed from society as they represent the past, failed politics of the North.


Dundrum, Co Down


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