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Bond ads are off message

A recent correspondent noted the level of violence in the film Casino Royale (Writeback, November 24), but I would like to highlight a more serious matter in relation to its showing.

I saw the film last week and it is indeed very violent. It also portrays gambling and heavy drinking by the hero, although one of the drinks almost kills him!

I found it concerning that the adverts that preceded the film included one for whiskey and one for an on-line gambling site.

Neither of the these two activities are legal for under-18s, so why are they being advertised where young teenagers may be present?

We read stories of this age group drinking, but who can blame them when they can watch a 'cool' hero drinking at a level that is way beyond 'safe' drinking.

I would suggest that adverts should be restricted when a film has a potentially young audience, that certainly should not be exposed to these kinds of pressures


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