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Bono needs better vision

Further to some of the comments on the subject of U2 and their tax returns, I feel I need to make the following points:

l Bono has been the leading figure in pressurising Western leaders to scrap the debt to African nations.

However, the real winners of such moves are surely spend-happy tyrants like King Mswati III of Swaziland, Teodoro Mbasogo of Equatorial Guinea and everyone’s favourite, Mr Mugabe, rather than the millions of impoverished unfortunates whose lives are at the mercy of their unworthy leaders.

l How can our leaders donate the necessary millions to Africa if our super rich, of which Bono can be classed, are spiriting their ‘hard-earned cash’, as ‘Gaz’ called it in Monday's

Belfast Telegraph, out of reach?

l What is taxation, if not a form of charity, where those more talented and/or more fortunate than the rest of us, share a portion of their wealth towards education and health services for all?

And, yes, sadly, also for bank bailouts.

Perhaps if Bono took his sunglasses off once in a while, he could see more clearly.

Fred Badlose


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