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Border becomes less divisive with passage of time

Three decades of bloodshed failed to change the map of Ireland. When the republican and loyalist ceasefires were declared, the border was exactly where it was on the day that the first person was killed in the conflict.

But the border scarcely matters any more - except as a reminder that there are two jurisdictions on the island. People pass back and forth with ease between north and south.

Since the Good Friday Agreement, the very idea of physically hurting people of a different culture, or religious ethos, let alone actually killing them, is anathema to everyone in Ireland, except a few misguided hotheads.

How much better to be united in hearts and minds, in peace and reconciliation, in a mutually beneficial respect for our diverse ways of looking at the world and at the past, than to be overly worried about a line on the map that becomes hazier and less divisive with every day that passes.


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