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Border poll a pointless exercise at this time

ON the back of the Scottish referendum, Sinn Fein have raised the issue of the border poll. But whom best would a poll serve?

I'm in favour of Irish unification, yet I wonder if SF are pursuing a political ideology and national aspiration on the back of sentiments from the failed Scottish Yes campaign merely to promote selfish electoral party political interests?

Reality dictates that the outcome of a border poll at this point in our evolving peace process would be met with a resounding No. So why bother?

It may have been lost upon the Shinners, but the last census highlighted the growing phenomenon of those whom describe themselves as Northern Irish. How would they vote?

The cynical amongst us would suggest that such a poll could only embolden SF's all-Ireland party political project and undermine the SDLP's equal aspirations for a unified Ireland, with the Shinners being projected throughout the North as the sole guardians of the Proclamation, thus squeezing the SDLP further electorally.

Given that the Scottish vote gave rise to an increase in sectarian division, the poll would also benefit the DUP, which would gain electorally at the expense of the UUP.

The timing of a border poll is wrong, but would do no harm to the apparent tempestuous relationship of SF/DUP and respective electoral strategies.



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