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Boston outrage highlights futility of violence

First and foremost, I want to offer my sincere condolences to the families of those who lost a loved one, along with my deepest sympathy to those who were maimed or traumatised, due to the inhumane act of bombing innocent people in Boston.

I regret to say that, vile as this bombing was, I find it a bit ironic as many of Boston's (finest?) citizens, over the years, supported and financially contributed to the coffers of Ireland's largest terrorist organisation, namely the IRA.

The financial support these misguided Bostonians gave to Sinn Fein/IRA undoubtedly assisted them to carry out similar bombings on innocent people, resulting in the death of close to 3,000 people – not counting those who were maimed, disfigured and mentally scarred for life.

Witnessing the horror of Boston on television brought back the painful memories of broken, limbless people, staggering about disorientated, along with the eerie sound of agonising screams from those caught up in a blast from a strategically placed bomb.

After the carnage in Boston, I cannot help but wonder if those Bostonians who contributed to fund the IRA's campaign of terror are today feeling any remorse for actions that destroyed so many lives in Northern Ireland. If not, I say shame on them.

Terrorism is the planet's greatest curse. It must never be rewarded. There are peaceful avenues for anyone to follow – whatever their cause.


Kircubbin, Co Down

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