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Both sides of abortion debate are relevant

David Fullerton wants Donald Gale to desist from writing about abortion in pro-life terms. I fear that Mr Fullerton's approach is illogical and inconsistent.

Abortion is, he tells us, a matter for pregnant women alone; nevertheless he, not for the first time, wants to give us the benefit of his own, pro-choice, opinions - even though he is, one assumes, neither pregnant nor female.

He also tells us that the law is a matter for everyone. As abortion practice is governed by legislation, why should pro-life supporters, such as Mr Gale, not be allowed to express their views (views which I happen to share)?

It is clear that there is, as yet, no consensus on abortion; there is still a debate on the subject.

Mr Fullerton wants to shut that debate down and wishes to see pro-life voices, such as Mr Gale's, silenced.

No doubt, he would find a one-sided debate easier than the task of defending his own dubious cause against cogent criticism.



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