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Boxers like Frampton outshine footballers

I remember going to Windsor Park 55 years ago and it appears to be the old story again of losing.

I cannot believe the people gave this team such a welcome after the European Championships. The clear message to the players is we will get paid and the fans are mugs giving us all this support.

As far as Paddy Barnes goes, he should never - at age 29 - have been picked for the Olympics and John Breen encouraging him to turn professional at 29 years old is insane.

I met up with the Commonwealth Games team in Brisbane and ran into the late Eddie Thompson, who, in a conversation, stated that the Games were for young boxers. I totally agree.

As long as we have celebrations for losing teams, Northern Ireland will be the same old story in another 50 years. The only exception have been our boxers.

Carl Frampton: when you recognised the Mexican's father being ill after the fight, you will always be a champion in my eyes.


Brisbane, New South Wales, Australia

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