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Boxing Day really is sale madness

HOW I agree with John Hannett's comments (Write Back, December 13) regarding showing respect to shopworkers, especially at Christmas, but also to realise just what it means for them and their families when they are required to work on Boxing Day. Exactly what can anyone possibly want, or need, that can't wait another day?

I watched the news in which a family was interviewed. The mother shrugged when asked what she or her children might want, apart from spending their Christmas money, when the day before they'd been loaded with gifts.

I'm sure it was much better when sales started on January 1, but December 27 would be better than Boxing Day. Then all shopworkers could have a bit of a break. Can't someone make a new law?

I was so pleased to find that Tesco was closed on Boxing Day. They have made a stand. Wouldn't it be wonderful if everybody else did as well?


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