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B&Q to close five stores in Northern Ireland

Not to worry, Tesco is building a big store on the Buncrana Road site (in Londonderry). Oh no, that's right. Mark H Durkan blocked it.

Diarmaid Elder

Great stores while the growth lasted.

Anne Odling-Smee

They close all the B&Q stores, and then Screwfix come along and open new stores on the same sites.

Nigel Blair

Any wonder. They have become too expensive and complacent. They just kept thinking they could milk us forever. Too greedy is the word for them.

Martin Phillips

Screwfix is much better.

Mark Thompson

Can't believe the powers we voted in didn't fight for these people's jobs. Love this store. Total shame it is closing - and a bigger shame for all those losing their jobs.

Marie Horton

Sign of the times.

Jean Buchanan

Stormont talks - how can you do it if you don't B&Q it?

David McClinton

Most B&Qs are being rebranded to Screwfix. And given B&Q own both, it won't make much difference.

Philip Messom

I thought the place was prospering. Er, so the defunct politicians keep telling us.

Paul Crowley

Great. Big closing down sales to look forward to.

Dominic Magliocco

Drove down the Cregagh Road (in Belfast) and past the old Sirocco works. Shuttered shops and a wasteland. Sad and desperate.

Alan Wardlow

I don't like to see news about that.

Fia Freitas

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