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Bradley Manning must be treated same way as SAS

I CAN'T help contrasting Bradley Manning's fate with the circumstances surrounding two SAS officers who, in 2005, were caught attempting to plant a car bomb in the centre of Basra.

Instead of facing 135 years in prison, these officers were rescued by a unit of the British Army within 24 hours of capture.

Ten, or more, armoured vehicles and a helicopter were involved in the rescue. Three members of the rescue team were honoured less than a year later.

In resisting arrest, these officers shot and killed one Iraqi police officer and wounded another. They were caught dressed as Arabs and driving a booby-trapped vehicle into Basra, with a remote-control detonator onboard.

Far from serving time in prison, these officers faced no criminal proceedings and, presumably, are walking free today.

Those who see Bradley Manning as a criminal need a reality check.

They need to understand that crimes in the interest of power and crimes which challenge power are treated very differently.


Hillsborough, Co Down

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