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Bradshaw has been disloyal to the UUP

I WAS a member of the South Belfast Ulster Unionist Party canvass team that worked to try to get Paula Bradshaw elected to Parliament in 2009, so I was interested to read her explanation for her decision to leave and join Alliance (Comment, November 8).

While campaigning with Ms Bradshaw in the streets and on the doorsteps, I never once heard her voice any doubts about the Ulster Unionist Party, or its policies.

At the South Belfast party meeting in September, held to select candidates for next year's Assembly elections, Ms Bradshaw, one of the four applicants, similarly expressed no misgivings about the party or its policies. Indeed, she emphasised that, if elected an Ulster Unionist MLA, she would remain a loyal member of the party.

There is nothing wrong with ambition and Ms Bradshaw has certainly shown she is ambitious for elected office.

In doing so, she has poorly repaid the backing and loyalty shown to her by the Ulster Unionist Party, its activists and voters.

I hope the Alliance party has a better experience of Ms Bradshaw than we did.




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