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Brady should suffer like abandoned victims

Having viewed the BBC documentary about child-abuse by pervert priests, there could hardly have been more pathetic footnotes than the closing note in the credits: that the Church wished to record that "there were no state or church guidelines for dealing with abuse in 1975".

Perhaps not. Nor, apparently, the merest hint of commonsense - and certainly not the conscience so often associated with religion - that it might be abhorrent, disgusting, immoral and somewhat against the law.

Cardinal Sean Brady's sickening, squirming attempts to excuse his behaviour lead to the obvious conclusion that he's not fit to conduct a service in a phone box - let alone be the head of Ireland's Catholics.

Ireland - north and south - is a great country, full of warm, friendly people. So instead of just resigning itself to saying, "Oh, it was a long time ago", "It's just a Church thing", "It's all better now" (is it?), there should be a continued campaign to expose Cardinal Brady to the same pain and humiliation as the youngsters he abandoned to their fate.

It's hardly a good advert for the country that someone so inadequate might have risen to the present post. He must go.

Several other countries, especially America, have been having similar turmoil, with varieties of excuses as to why child-molesters disguised as priests should not have been exposed.

The fact that the Vatican feels the need to support the cover-ups, or pay lip-service to the need for a complete (im)morality change, is hardly a surprise.


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