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Brady's homily on truth was utter hypocrisy

This is part of a homily from Cardinal Sean Brady on Saturday: "We pray for courage – the kind of courage that is needed to look the truth in the eye and to call it as it is, without yielding to self-deception or bowing to convenient compromise, scrupulously avoiding ambiguous language, which cloaks the true horror of the situation and reduces its seriousness."

May I suggest that his eminence revisits the Irish hierarchies' dealings with the horrific rape of children by clergy, peruse his own words and see the hypocrisy in what he said in Knock Basilica.

One wonders why criminals were moved from parish to parish, permitting them not only to receive the Eucharist, but to partake in what could be described as the desecration of transubstantiation.


Victoria, Australia

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