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Brave bishops speak the truth

It's good to read that two Belgian Catholic bishops are willing to break ranks and call for an end to mandatory celibacy for priests.

The Catholic Church needs its bishops and cardinals to throw away their fears of being disciplined by the Vatican, to call for a real debate on the shortage of priests and to allow women and married men to be ordained.

Men who have volunteered for the permanent deaconate in the Catholic Church should withdraw their candidacies, as they are being used as a defence against the introduction of married men and women priests.

When will the subservient Irish bishops join their Belgian counterparts and demand that Pope Benedict allow free discussion within the Catholic Church on mandatory celibacy and the ordination of women?

They have an example in St Paul, who dared contradict the first pope, Peter, and as a result Peter was forced to change his mind.

The truth needs brave defenders to ensure it is not suffocated with ecclesiastical subservience.

Brendan Butler, Malahide, Co Dublin

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