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'Bravery' comparisons in cake row simply wrong

So, according to your columnist Nuala McKeever, "ordering a cake" can now be equated with diving into a river to save a life or any other similar heroic deed? (Life, Jan 12).

The individual who placed a request for a cake with Ashers Bakery in Belfast only to have it rejected on the grounds that the proposed slogan on it went against the company's own beliefs on the subject of gay marriage is someone who should be, if I've got this right, be awarded the highest of honours for bravery?

I was already struggling with Ms McKeever's view that cartoonists belonged in the same bracket as true heroes of society - much as I, like every right-minded person, deplored the slaughter of those who lost their lives in Paris last week - when I ventured on to her assertion on the cake controversy that should surely never have become a controversy.

Quite apart from Ashers own rights to freedom of speech (or not as this case may have been), it appears to some of us that the persons who ordered it did so, not on the grounds of courage, but knowing it had all the ingredients of placing any opponents of gay marriage in the spotlight of the likes of your columnist.



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