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Bremainers must not demonise Brexiteers

Having myself voted Remain, I am appalled that so many people who did the same are now demonising people who didn't. Brexiteers aren't some alien, malevolent and moronic tribe.

They are ordinary people of all ages, classes and educational levels and are found in all regions - albeit in varying proportions.

Many Brexiteers agree with many Bremainers on many things and disagree with their fellow-Brexiteers on many things. Just not this thing.

And even on this thing, there's actually a range of views - diehard Brexiteers at one end and dyed-in-the-wool Bremainers at the other, with a great deal of uncertainty in the middle.

It only seems otherwise now because, on the day, we all had to vote one way or the other (or not vote at all). A forced dichotomy, you might say.

But if Bremainers keep banging on about the awfulness of Brexiteers, they risk making the dichotomy all too real and all too permanent.


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