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Brexit campaigners ignoring the benefits of EU

In recent days, a number of the bigwigs in the Brexit camp, notably Owen Paterson and Kate Hoey, have been here to campaign for their cause.

While both of them have experience of this place and how it works, they show very little understanding on the role that the EU has played in advancing the peace process, in sponsoring projects across the province, in nullifying the border and subsidising farmers - to name but a few.

Both would lead us to believe that, in the event of Brexit, there would not be a return to queues and red tape at border checkpoints. If they were to look at other EU exit points, they would say differently.

Additionally, the DUP, Ukip and TUV have also been spreading rumours that the EU is responsible for the loss of industry from Ballymena and other places. Anyone who knows the true facts will realise this is absolutely untrue and is down to the obsession with market forces.

Perhaps it could be said that the EU could have stepped in to rescue them, but in reality that was our own Government's job.

Then there is the issue of freedom of movement, which the Brexit camp try to claim is a one-way street, when in reality it works both ways.

It was actually British people who set the trend on this with their "colonising" of the Spanish Costas and it has only been since 2005 that the trend started to reverse.


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