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Brexit 'has not affected Ireland border poll views'

Sean McNally: The effects of Brexit aren't being felt yet. It's when Article 50 is implemented and NI's largest industry is suddenly cut off from EU subsidies and being able to benefit from the EU CAP is when the support for a border poll will have to be seriously reassessed.

Dave Conor: As Brexit won't actually ever happen it won't really be an issue.

John Alan: Remainers are embarrassing at times. So because we haven't issued the leave article after two months, we aren't going to leave? It has been mentioned a million times that the process won't happen this year.

William Gould: Dave Conor keep dreaming. The only way you'll be part of a United Ireland is if you go south and unite with the EU ,and good luck on that as it's a sinking ship.

David Magill: As the Prime Minister of the United kingdom says on almost a daily basis Brexit means Brexit and we are going to make a success of it. Sorry to disappoint you Dave Conor but Article 50 will be triggered in January and we will be out of the EU before the end of 2018.

Darren Massey: Dave Conor catch yourself on. You're talking nonsense. Do you really believe the government will ignore 17.4 million votes? Brexit means Brexit.

Dave Conor: Teresa May (Remain supporter and voter) is doing exactly what a politician needs to, she's kicking the ball up the field. There will be a reason for it not to be used in January, 'negotiations with EU' or some crisis abroad will be scapegoated, and so on and so forth, then when it's far enough down the line she will say it's too close to a general election. It's beautiful politics straight from Yes Minister playbook.

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