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Bribery's no way to prevent war

Britain will go to war with Argentina over the Falkland Islands only if the Argentines stage another unprovoked attack on the 2,000 or so innocent British civilians who live there.

Your correspondent (Write Back, January 27) is, in effect, suggesting that, rather than defending those civilians, we try to bribe the potential aggressors in pursuit of a quiet life - in spite of the certain knowledge that the last time round the invaders included people subsequently convicted of brutal crimes against their own people, quite possibly with death-lists of our fellow countrymen in their pockets.

No decent nation looks to bribe such people. It makes it clear, as David Cameron has, that if necessary we will fight them again.

The only real concern is to be sure that we can still do so successfully - which I hope we are, but fear we may not be.


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