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Bring back Army border patrols for immigrants

My thanks to MW Woods of Bangor for contributing to the debate I raised over the land border between the Irish Republic and the United Kingdom (Write Back, August 12).

There is no doubting the interest my call for border patrols aroused. Scores contacted me to support my call - only one single emailer disagreed.

I liked the final sentence in MW Woods' letter, effectively saying when Cameron loses the EU argument and gets beaten in the referendum, my dream of a closed border may come true.

However, for the record I did not call for a closing of the border - the Provos proved how impracticable that was. All I asked for was patrols co-ordinated by the police and using the Army to curtail the flow of illegal migrants into Northern Ireland from the Republic as a back door route into mainland GB.

Not only will the people of Northern Ireland be grateful to have patrols preventing the numbers of illegal immigrants increasing, our fellow UK citizens on the mainland will be delighted, too.


Leader, Ukip Northern Ireland

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