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Bring back quiet Sundays

I would support the Rev Ian Morrison's advocacy of respect for Sunday on a secular basis and I feel that there is a growing consensus among responsible people for this ideal (Write Back, September 19).

We are a greedy society and, whereas our needs used to be evident, some people now find it necessary to look at the menu of that which is available in the shops to determine further so called 'needs'!

We risk the health of our children in this selfish pursuit. The objectives of Kyoto (a saving of 15%) could be achieved almost overnight if businesses closed on Sundays.

In the 1970s harmful pollution almost halved over the weekend, but this is no longer the case.

Wouldn't it be a good idea to escape modern living (turn off mobile phones etc.) for just one day and make the Sabbath quiet, restful and family-centred?

Malachy McAnespie, Dunmurry

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