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Bring on referendum and get us out of the EU

The referendum on whether we remain in the European Union or opt out cannot come quick enough as far as I and millions of other UK citizens are concerned.

Since the UK became members we have been propping up all these failed countries with the taxes of the British people.

We are the highest taxed part of this EU; we have the highest duty to pay on all fuels and home heating oils and we have had enough.

It will also stop all these members of the EU countries having free access into the UK and bleeding our social services dry.

It will also do away with the need for the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic being secured to stop illegal immigrants from entry.

There is no need to be concerned if trade between the UK and Europe diminishes as there is a great big world outside which dwarves Europe.

We pay £9bn into Europe and get back £2.4bn. That is supposed to be good business. That £9bn would give the UK all the hospitals, police, etc that we need and free entry into university for students, not forgetting cheaper fuels. So bring on this referendum as soon as possible and let the people decide what is best for them.



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