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Britain has nailed its colours to the Sunni jihadi mast

The merciless bombing of Shia worshippers by Sunni jihadis occurs with sickening regularity in Iraq and Pakistan.

Now it's happening in Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Kuwait. Yet the West tolerates Saudi Arabia's playing of the destructive sectarian card against "apostate" Shia.

The West went along with the Saudis in seeking to overthrow Assad's secular regime. We have, in effect, sided with Sunni jihadist insurgents in Syria and yet made it a criminal offence for British Muslims to join the insurgency.

Then there is Britain's decision to establish a permanent military base in Bahrain, even though the Sunni ruling family suppresses the Shia, who comprise the majority of its citizenry.

We have truly nailed our colours to the Sunni jihadist sectarian mast.


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