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Britain must help bring Miami killers to justice

The findings of the Historical Enquiries Team into the murders of three members of the Miami Showband by the UVF in 1975 is a step along the path to justice.

The dignity displayed by the families of the Miami members during their 37 years of campaigning for justice is in contrast to the vileness of this act.

The revelations that a number of those involved in the killings were serving soldiers of the UDR and also included an RUC Special Branch agent are most disturbing.

The findings implicate State security forces in the murders of Irish citizens. Calls by Dublin for Britain to release files in its possession are consistently rejected.

If the Irish government had in its possession files which might be of assistance in identifying those responsible for the Birmingham and Guildford pub bombings in 1974 and if, following a request from Britain to release these files, they refused, the British would be rightly outraged.

Surely the pursuit of justice for the victims of the Miami Showband massacre is no less worthy than the pursuit of justice by the British Government for those killed and bereaved at Lockerbie, nor is it any less worthy than the pursuit by the US Government of the perpetrators of the attack on the Twin Towers.

Why does the Irish government accept lesser standards of justice for her own citizens who have been murdered than the UK and US authorities?

If London continues to refuse to hand over the relevant files on these murders, then the Irish government should seek the assistance of Berlin and Boston.


Irish National Congress, Dublin


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