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Britain needs a Donald Trump

For far too long the British people have been governed by mediocre political pigeons of both the Conservative and Labour parties. The Conservatives offer crumbs from the rich man's table.

The socialists pledge everything for free, as the taxpayer (whoever he/she is) will pick up the bill.

Today, both our present incumbents, namely Messrs Cameron and Corbyn, both show determination to forsake the British people and destroy every facet of our identity by coercing and manipulating the people to remain members of a corrupt institution that is verging on collapse.

At present, I view our two Cs (Cameron and Corbyn) on a par with the two Bs (Bush and Blair) - and we all know the mess the two Bs made of their time in office.

The time has arrived for a cat to be thrown among our political pigeons - reminding them that the people of this country want out of the European Union.

What Britain needs today is a person that has loyalty in their heart for their country.

Dare I say someone like Donald Trump?


Kircubbin, Co Down

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