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British history isn't English history, Alex

IT is not an "either/or" with respect to a cultural identity, as Alex Kane (Comment, January 31) seems to assume and Sinn Fein, with its prescriptive definition of Irish identity, would like us all to believe.

Gaelic, in its various forms within these islands, is a Britannic, or British, language; English is not.

The Welsh anthem Men Of Harlech, said to refer to events between 1461 and 1468, with its reference to the Saxon foe (that is, the English) fleeing, and with one version that includes the line "Britain wins the field", is a British anthem.

And, again, the Irish Republic's national anthem has a verse in which the Saxon is the foe, not the British.

The difference between Alex Kane's generation and mine is we were taught some history of the Britannic, or British, isles; Alex Kane apparently not.

And that seems to be, at least partly, his unionist problem.



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