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Building of walls won't make world safer place

It is difficult to imagine a more unstable time in recent world history. Political upheaval and a spate of horrendous terror attacks are eating away at the bonds that unite.

The generations after the Second World War understood the value of peace and security. They built bonds, instead of extending borders. This allowed understanding and trust to develop, as consultation enabled compromise and co-ordination on problems.

Today countries in Europe are lacking in leaders with a true understanding of the fragility of peace. Terrorists will seek to unpick the knots secured by years of shared sacrifice and experience.

The old story of divide and conquer crops up again and again. The tried and the trusted is thrown overboard and, instead, we have lurches to the Left and Right, which produce extremes.

The crash, or downturn, alienated many, as the centre failed to hold. The wealthy became more so and those outside the circle of fortune foundered. Italy, Spain, Holland, France and even Germany are all facing some form of political upheaval. Building walls and creating new levels of distrust will not make for a more secure or stable world.


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