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Bull running the shame of Spain

How many more people have to die before Spanish tourism ends its shameful promotion of bull running?

"If you come, in some places you can take part in bull running", it states on the Ireland page of its website. "At these events, crowds of people run with the bulls through the streets to the bullring."

There is no warning that you risk being impaled by a tormented bull - and sent home in a body-bag. This invitation to join a bull run has remained in place all summer long in spite of a mounting death toll.

And let's not forget the plight of the bulls: they are hit with sticks and electric shock prods, have their tails pulled and, when they slip and fall, they sustain painful bruises and broken bones.

Their final destination is the local bullring where the agony of torture awaits.

By allowing bull running to continue and encouraging tourists to participate, the Spanish Government and its tourism body have blood on their hands.


Irish Council Against Blood Sports

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