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Bundespost a drain on Royal Mail

I wonder if many people are aware that while EU member state ministers are discussing reviving the EU 'constitution', many directives are regularly given the nod through Parliament by MPs who are not even aware that many of them do not originate in the UK at all.

For example, many will not be aware that the root cause of the prospective closure of many post offices is due to our signing the Amsterdam Treaty and EU Postal Services Directive 97/67/EC.

The directive compelled the Government to allow the German Post Office (Bundespost) to operate in the UK, but at a distinct advantage over the Royal Mail. As a result, the Bundespost has creamed off millions in high revenue business post from the Royal Mail. If for any reason the Bundepost decides not to deliver its mail, the Royal Mail has to deliver it at a cost to the Bundepost of only 14p per letter. Meanwhile, we, the UK public, are paying 23p per letter for second class post and so are subsidising foreign competition to the tune of nine pence per letter.

It is time we left this parasitic, expensive and undemocratic organisation and returned power to the people through proper and accountable representative government.

GRAHAM WOOD Poppleton, York

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