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Burchill can see no fault in Israel

For Julie Burchill to characterise film-makers such as Peter Kosminsky as 'half-witted Jew-baiters' (Comment, February 11) is contemptible.

So far, Kosminsky's four-part film The Promise is historically well-researched and fair. Burchill, however, finds any criticism of Israel offensive. Of course, Israel can be proud of its achievements and democratic freedoms; but for Palestinians the knowledge that those who continue to annex their land have been democratically elected is of little comfort.

There has always been a Jewish presence in Palestine. But Burchill seems genuinely unaware that the population had been overwhelmingly Palestinian Arab for 1,400 years. She is pleased that many Jews of the diaspora 'made it home' - so am I - but she does not seem to mind that, in the process, the inhabitants of towns and villages were forcibly evicted.


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