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Burchill stoops with hate piece

What on earth was the motive behind Julie Burchill's hate piece about Sandi Toksvig? (Comment, June 10). It's a sign of desperation in a columnist when personal attributes are mocked to bolster an argument - Toksvig's race, her sexual orientation, her public-school accent.

How might Burchill feel were I to describe her own high-pitched childish voice as that of a south London primary schoolgirl?

Contrary to Burchill's assertion, while Toksvig presents more than one Radio 4 programme, only one of these is a comedy - The News Quiz. In this she reads from a script which is credited to someone else at the end of the show. The joke Burchill refers to was, accordingly, not hers. That said, her ad-libs are quick-witted and funny.


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