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Bureaucracy is a serious drag on the economy

Northern Ireland is being held back in its development by the dragging weights of bureaucracy and the low level of constructive activity of too many of our workers.

Among the several reasons are lack of urgency, not taking personal responsibility and bureaucratic systems to "cover one's back".

We can see around us the lack of initiative or coherent action, and lack of leadership at the very lowest levels of hierarchy, among those who serve the general public.

I come across quasi-government bodies which are doing invaluable work well, "below the radar", who don't know where their next funding will come from.

They put staff on notice of termination of employment.

They can't pay their running costs, services, rent etc. Yet they can't get answers from the funders.

This typifies the managerial malaise. People won't make decisions until the last moment and by then they have created a social and huan mess.

The ministers would do all Northern Ireland a service by improving the efficiency and useful productivity of all those who serve the public.

Councillor Tom Ekin

Alliance Party

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