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Burka issue covers up lack of Muslim tolerance

The new Immigration Minister, Damien Green, appears to have missed the point in his assertion that banning the burka would not be British.

When female British journalists report from public areas in Muslim countries, they cover their heads with a scarf. This is out of respect for the local culture. I'm sure if they failed to do this, they would soon hear from the locals.

When Muslim women come to mainland Europe, the UK or Ireland they should respect our feelings. But this does not always happen. They behave as if they are still living in the country they have come from.

I accept that some Muslim women wear the burka voluntarily and that Islamic scholars are divided over whether the Qur'an requires the wearing of the burka, but I feel that the respect we show when staying or living in Muslim countries is not reciprocated. Tolerance and respect are two-way streets unless you live in the UK where they appear to be applied in one direction.

The Australian Prime Minister got it right when he stated that anyone coming to Australia should fit in with Australian values and culture and, if they did not want to, they should move on.

Too much attention is being paid to a vocal minority, some 3% of the population, to the detriment not only of the majority, but of the other minorities. I don't think there are any elements of the Sikh, Hindu or Buddhist communities, to name a few, who are seeking to overthrow the state and impose their own religion and laws, or planning mass-murder and mayhem.


Ballyclare, Co Antrim


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