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Burka issue shows politicians are not listening

I ALWAYS believed that British democracy was one of the the best in the world, working on the principle that people elected politicians who would listen to them and govern accordingly.

I have already made my views known on the abuse of taxpayers' money, with the denial of details of how our money is spent by no less a person than Mark Thompson, controller of the BBC.

Now we have the possible proposal of a law to make it illegal to wear the burka in public.

The immediate response to this from the Home Office was that Britain is a liberal country and no such law would be passed.

But now we come to the interesting bit. The Home Office acknowledged that the "majority" of British people would be in favour of the banning of wearing the burka in public, but no law will be passed. So much for democracy.

As France has already passed its law to ban the wearing of the burka in public by a whopping majority of 355-1, I cannot help but wonder what Britain will do if this becomes European law.

If ever there was time for such a law in Britain, surely this is it, when the streets of Britain are awash with potential terrorists of every faith and political ideology - so much so that the security departments are overburdened with gleaning information from all quarters to keep Britain safe.


Kircubbin, Co Down


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