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Bus lane fines nothing more than State extortion

Who is the unaccountable mastermind within the unaccountable government who dreamt up 24-hour bus lanes? From threatening water charges to fining citizens at every opportunity over parking offences, these faceless bureaucrats have devised another insidious way of extracting more money from an overtaxed population, when the same government gave away billions to greedy bankers without taxing them or imposing fines and prison time.

Who is the victim when a member of the tax-paying public strays into a bus lane at 2am?

Who has been hurt when a car leaves off an elderly relative at the train station on the Albert Bridge, rather than have to let them off further down the road with their luggage to take their chances crossing a busy street because the driver is too scared to be filmed by police State cameras pointing at the bus lane?

When anyone strays into the bus lane it is an opportunity for the unaccountable government to extort money from a frightened population. When a group threatens the property or liberty of a citizen to gain profit, it is extortion. We, the people, did not agree to this silly situation, nor is there any pretending that once the buses stop running there is any justification for hunting down overtaxed people who cross a line on the road to extort more taxes from them, other than spreading more State fear.

Is it going to take people refusing to pay these unfair fines and going to jail to make the government realise that an unfair law is no law at all?

Outraged citizen

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