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Bus lanes only serve to annoy other road users

Can anyone convince me of the legality and overall benefits of bus lanes? I would also be interested to know if the use of cameras mounted on stationary cars parked in lay-bys, operate in all areas of Belfast.

Is there positive proof that drivers have been fined in the east, west, north and south of the city for using these lanes during restricted times?

It also seems illogical that cars cannot drive in these lanes when there is not a bus in sight. If drivers do so out of frustration, why are they fined even when they are not physically blocking the progress of a bus?

Perhaps they might get to wondering why they have to pay road tax when they can't use parts of the roads their payments have helped build and repair over the years. Wouldn't it be better if the buses were fitted with instant cameras? The driver could then snap offending vehicles actually impeding his journey.

Few people would complain under these circumstances and such action might reduce the animosity that is building daily against what some people see as an unfair law.

Frustrated Driver


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