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Bus station benefits are challenged

The Southern Operations Manager for Translink, David Cowan, (Write Back, August 14) boasts how bus passengers have benefited from a new bus station in Lisburn.

He goes on to state that ‘passengers using it are offered comfort, dryness and better information'.

What Mr Cowan conveniently omits to mention is that, in fact, this wonderful new bus station in a so-called ‘city' closes at 8pm from Monday to Saturday and at 3pm on a Sunday!

So, Mr Cowan, where is the comfort, dryness and access to better information for bus users then? You have not, to date, even seen fit to provide basic shelters at the stops the public are supposed to use immediately outside the bus station when it is shut.

My information is that Translink are not willing to pay staff to man the new station after these hours. This is the same company that has announced a second fare hike within five months!

It would appear Translink think they can get away with operating in the same way as they operated at the height of the Troubles when everything closed early. They need to be dragged into modern times.

There is absolutely no logic (other than Translink's twisted one) in suspending the stop at Market Square in Lisburn. At least at this stop, along with the basic shelter, there is some degree of protection from the weather provided by the many buildings, whereas the stop at Castle Street is wide open to the elements.

V Carolan


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