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Bus station comforts

A reader has criticised Lisburn bus centre (Write Back, October 4).

Passengers are offered comfort, dryness and better information in the new bus centre until 8pm.

There are very few services after this time.

We are aware that there is a need for bus shelters outside the centre and are working to rectify this issue.

The Market Square bus stop has indeed been moved, but only by one-tenth of a mile to Castle Street. The bus centre is now actually closer to the market and main shopping centres.

With regards to fare increases, due to the continued increase in the cost of fuel, fares on Translink bus and rail services rose by 5%.

We worked very hard to keep fares as low as possible, but our fuel bill will be £9m higher this year than last and, unfortunately, we have no option but to raise fares.

Bus and rail travel is still by far the best value choice, particularly in the current economic climate as we all face large price hikes in petrol and diesel and other energy bills.

David Cowan

Southern Area Manager, Translink

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