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Bus stop’s moving experience

Jim Riddle (Write Back, August 11) calls for the return of a bus stop in Lisburn.

I am happy to respond to the points raised. From June 30, passengers have benefited from a new bus station in Lisburn.

At this time we took the opportunity to improve our local bus services in order to make the network easier to use.

Your reader is correct; the Lisburn bus stop has been moved, but only 0.1 mile to Castle Street.

The bus centre means passengers using it are offered comfort, dryness and better information.

Public transport has a significant contribution to make towards delivering a modern, healthy and efficient city and, as such, this new bus centre represents an important investment for the city of Lisburn. We hope our new facility, and the service enhancements, will encourage even more people to choose the bus as the easy option. I hope Mr Riddle continues to use the bus service in Lisburn.

David Cowan

Southern Area Operations Manager, Translink

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