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Bus travel made worse by chaos on the road

As a regular passenger on the 7a Metro service to Four Winds, south Belfast, I have noticed that the service from the city centre, between 5pm and 6pm, has been reduced to a complete shambles.

On Tuesday, September 18, I waited 40 minutes for a bus from the city centre, despite there being three scheduled services due to leave in that time.

Eventually, a 7a arrived bound for Four Winds.

After an hour in traffic, caused mainly by the mess that is the Great Victoria Street/Bruce Street junction, the bus made its way along its usual route until it reached Forestside.

At this point, rather than continuing up the Saintfield Road, the bus turned left.

Upon asking the driver why he was not going to Four Winds, I was told bluntly that the service was only going to Forestside.

I would have appreciated being told this when I paid for my ticket and stated Four Winds.

I thus had a 25-minute walk to get to the stop I originally intended getting off at.

It took two hours, five minutes to travel about four miles.

While the ignorance shown by Metro to their customers is grating, more annoying is the root cause of these delays - the inaction of the Roads Service to reduce traffic problems in Belfast city centre.

Someone should be held accountable for the logjam that has been allowed to grow over the past number of years.

Steven, Belfast

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