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Businessmen are gaining little profit from their own country

I once asked a leading businessman here the best business model for success in the Old and New Northern Ireland.

His response was swift and honest: "If you are a local, born and bred here, plough 100K into your business and watch it slowly drain away and be sunk by red tape."

He apologised that he could not be more positive. However, he felt it was best that I knew the truth.

The only way around it was to emigrate and then sweet talk the British Government into helping me set up back in The New Northern Ireland, spend a couple of years here and then pull the plug and head for a sun-soaked beach somewhere.

The dogs on the street have seen it time out of number in this country.

Seagate is just the latest in a long and depressing line. We must be the laughing stock of the global business world - the soft touches.

That is, unless you are from here and actually want to set up business in Northern Ireland. Then the Government bodies are no soft touches - they don't want to know locals.

Everyone seems to take money out of this country.

I was talking to several migrant workers last week as they were preparing to leave to return to their homeland. They said they had enjoyed their time here and had made enough money to buy apartments back in their native Poland and start businesses there.

Once again our country is being depleted of its money.

I know there will be lefty loonies who will call me a racist and point out the tremendous contribution these migrant workers brought to our country. That may well be. But why do we need migrant workers when thousands of our own people are unemployed?

It's hardly rocket science, yet our politicians give us the same sound bytes - how the company has located to the Far East because manufacturing is cheaper blah-blah-blah.

Well, why don't our politicians be real men and women and tell these companies - "If you move to the Far East, then you will not sell your goods in our country"? But then I forgot, Stormont, Westminster, Dublin have no power to do so anymore. That's for the Eurocrats in Brussels.

Our politicians are mere puppets, most likely made in the Far East.

A Local, Comber

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