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Buzz Lightyear-shaped UFO spotted over Carrickfergus

I am wondering if any other readers can help solve this little mystery spotted above Carrickfergus.

It may sound a bit silly but I saw a light out of the corner of my eye appear from my bedroom window at about 8.15pm on Friday February 24.

I then got my sister's camera and she took a picture of the object before it disapeared, it moved slightly for a bit and I know for a fact it wasnt a star because it was far too bright.

It wasn't a satelite or plane because it was not moving like either of them.

It was a very subtle movement. When inspecting the photo (which was taken completely zoomed out) my sister zoomed in on the object and it was a triangular shape.

Any suggestions as to what it may be? Did anyone else see it?

D Flower

Click 'More Pictures' above to view images.

A third image showing two objects together can be viewed here

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