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Call centre could replace Stormont

William Twyford (Write Back, November 4) rightly says that the continued misuse of petitions of concern by the two main parties makes the Executive permanently incapable of legislating, or delivering good government.

His low-cost solution of replacing the Executive with an offshore call centre is, indeed, quite feasible. We could have a set of options for all the departments in Stormont - for example, Option 1 (Health & Social Care), Option 2 (Employment), Option 3 (Environment), Option 4 (Planning) etc - and a virtual reality interface for service delivery.

Birmingham (population 1.1 million) successfully uses a call-centre management system and virtual reality interface.

Let's mothball Stormont completely and replace all the silly politicians with an IT-VR platform.

Just think of the billions which could be saved to spend on health and filling in all the potholes.


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