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Calvinism point seems overlooked

Fr Patrick McCafferty (Write Back, February 15) makes an interesting charge against me: canonising a Calvinist view of salvation.

How astonishing, indeed, since his own community have canonised a view of salvation rejected by every Protestant confession of faith.

What he terms the Calvinist view of salvation is that of the Anglican 39 Articles, Westminster and Baptist Confessions and the Savoy Declaration, along with all the continental confessions. In other words, it is a common Protestant evangelical confession. Besides, when did truth become dependent on numbers?

Fr McCafferty, in his seeming defence of Alf McCreary, overlooks the salient point that Calvinism is the confessional position of Mr McCreary's ecclesiastical connection. Thus, in his support for Alf McCreary, he actually reviles him.

Fr McCafferty's hatred of Calvinism says more than he thinks.


Free Church Continuing

Ballyclare, Co Antrim

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