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Cameron must deport Abu Qatada right now


Watching David Cameron squirming on television after yet another successful appeal by Abu Qatada to remain in Britain, a country for which he has an avowed hatred, I just cringed.

Abu Qatada is an enemy of Britain; he is considered a danger to the country's security.

The highest court, the Supreme Court, judged his deportation legal, but this was thwarted by the European Court, on the dubious grounds that he would be tortured in his homeland of Jordan.

Mr Cameron's ilk, past and present, are mentally 'torturing' millions of law-abiding, taxpaying British citizens with their incompetent governance.

Millions of British citizens are suffering economic hardship, the whole country is awash with illegal immigrants, who contribute nothing to the economy.

It is ironic that Qatada's successful appeal should happen less than a week after Remembrance Sunday, when we commemorate the millions from Britain, Ireland and the Commonwealth, who laid down their lives for Britain.

How Mr Cameron can sit idly by while British soldiers are being killed in Afghanistan by the very people they are there to train is beyond me. He should make the decision to deport Abu Qatada on the next plane to Jordan.

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Like millions of others, I am a taxpaying, law-abiding British citizen. I pay my taxes to Britain, not to Europe.

I expect Mr Cameron to look after my interests first and foremost. Hence, I say to him: be a man. Deport Qatada now and worry about the petty consequences later.


Kircubbin, Co Down

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