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Cameron needs bit more humility and self-criticism

TO be consistent with his view that the trashing of the Sunni population in Iraq by Bush and Blair has in no way affected Muslim opinion internationally, I can only conclude that Mr Cameron must think that we should treat with equanimity the killing of our compatriots on 7/7 or in Tunisia.

Mr Cameron trumpets himself as a purveyor of liberal values such as democracy, freedom and sexual equality. I suppose that explains why he is acquiescent in Israel's oppressive colonisation and its eight-year siege of Gaza.

As for sexual equality, by removing Saddam the West actually retarded the slow emancipation of women in Iraq by decades.

Never mind. A little more political violence, this time against Assad - oops, if it's a Tuesday, let's make it Isis instead - should really prove how liberal we are.

If we really wish to reduce Muslim anger, a good deal more self-criticism and humility is long overdue.


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