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Cameron should fall on his sword

WATCHING David Cameron telling the British people that voting to remain in the EU was good for them demeans the very principle of the Conservative Party.

According to my dictionary, being a conservative favours the preservation of established customs and values, along with opposing change.

Hence, David Cameron's obsession to sway the British people to vote for Britain to remain in the EU reminds me of an addict whose obsession to get a "fix" (be it alcohol or drugs) will force him to go to any lengths to get what he feels he needs.

For David Cameron to devalue the momentous change to the established customs and values of the British people that undoubtedly will occur, should he get his way, will do irreparable harm to every facet of our lives - including our economy.

So, I say to Mr Cameron: please do the decent thing and resign before you end your political life as a washed-up failure, as that failure will (deservedly) haunt you the rest of your life.


Kircubbin, Co Down

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