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Campbell just shames what is a noble tradition

It is hard to fathom how, in 21st century Ireland, views like those expressed by the DUP MP Gregory Campbell - that he would treat calls for an Irish Language Act as "no more than toilet paper" - can be articulated and defended in public.

And how depressingly predictable that such comments can still command a considerable degree of support in the north.

In spite of world admiration and acknowledgement of the genius and achievements of Ireland's wonderful Protestant cultural and literary tradition - a tradition which, over the centuries, gave us, among many others, Berkeley, Burke, Swift, Yeats and the first President of Ireland, Dr Douglas Hyde - it appears the philistines and curmudgeons of unionism are still unwilling, or unable, to cross the tribal divide.

This fine Protestant tradition should not be allowed to be defined by culturally impotent unionism.



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